The Red Room

Red doesn’t need much of an introduction, does it? Red symbolizes the fire element in feng shui and can bring energy to a room and vitality to your spirit. It is the color of fame, success, and the color to wear when you want to accomplish a goal or add some personal power to your day. Red means action in full force, which is understandable why it is the patron color of Valentine’s Day, passion, and love.

A cozy red cashmere throw is an easy and subtle way to introduce some red into your bedroom, especially for the color shy.

Pasted Graphic 3

Pillows in red are an instant lift and can warm up the atmosphere, especially during cold winter months (loving the velvet and color combination).

Pasted Graphic 7

Red art makes an bold impact (and so does Kate Moss, for that matter).

Pasted Graphic 6

Fashion illustrations with red walls and a zebra rug certainly make this room fit for a fashionista guest. What more could one ask for? The bedding and chair are just as exquisite.

Pasted Graphic 5

More red walls in a brighter hue are a commitment, for sure, and extends quite dramatically to the  bench, lighting, and art.

Pasted Graphic 1

Why not go full out red?  The mural, the chair, pillows and throw make this room indelible.Pasted Graphic 2

Image sources: Elle Decor, Vogue Living, House Beautiful, and Pinterest.

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